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Using your own original ideas.


One of my favourite ever books is Once by Wim Wenders. For those of you that don’t know of him he is a German  filmmaker, author and photographer.

In this book he has a photo from his many travels on one page, and a brief bit of prose beginning with the word Once, on the facing page. Something about this book is so sublime, like it’s the perfect combination of image and words. I like this book so much that for ages after I bought it I had to take it everywhere with me. And every now and then I need to look at it again, to try to capture some of this perfect balance and bring it into my work.

There’s no doubt that Wenders photography is excellent, and he leads a seriously interesting life [ one of the stories is about him running into Isabella Rosselini and Martin Scorsese and giving them a lift after their car broke down….sure. That sort of stuff happens to me all the time.], but Wenders also brings life and a story to the most boring of places.

wendersdogs wendersredchair

Above: the top image is from the book Once and the second image is one of Wenders’ best known. He makes the most banal places look beautiful and mysterious.

I have been doing this blog for a bit over a year and a half, and realise that some of the navigation and categories I set up origonally are a bit out of whack and need a revamp. And that sometimes I would like to do shorter posts, telling you about a little glimmer of an idea I have, or just some interesting thing I have seen, coupling it with a great image, instead of my usual sagas [which I will continue to do of course.] In a former life I considered myself a photographer and have been missing a it a bit lately so this is my chance to put it out there again. You will be able to access all the posts in this new category from the revamped navigation bar on the left hand side.

So in honour of Wim Wenders and his sublime book I bring you my new series of posts Once.


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