Making Art

Bringing Art Making Into Your Life

Letting your medium drive your ideas for making art.

Ideas can occur anytime. Just walking along the road looking at people. In the middle of a super boring meeting. Watching a movie. Looking at the rain. I talk a lot … Continue reading

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Artquest 3 – an idea a day, let your self be creative.

Artquest 3 – an idea a day: write down at least 1 idea in your notebook everyday for ten days. Our previous two Artquest suggestions have been jumping right in … Continue reading

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Making art-is the idea more important than skill?

When we make a piece of art, we start with an idea. We then combine it with a medium and some techniques. We add in energy and time and we … Continue reading

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Working through ideas – an example

Most ideas start as just a little whisper in your head. You might see a colour , or a flash of movement. It might come from something some one said … Continue reading

August 29, 2012 · 1 Comment

Is the medium you use important?

I have been sorting out my considerable collection of  cards and postcards bought at art galleries. I will often buy one or two  of these when I go to a big gallery, … Continue reading

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