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Make Art Everyday – My New Year’s Resolution

Being a creative being in your not very creative world can be really difficult for a lot of us. I know I have posted on this topic more than enough … Continue reading

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A Drawing a Day for a Year: Done!

On May 11 2015 I cooked up a crazy idea to do tiny drawing every day for a year. I was in Brisbane at the end of April last year and … Continue reading

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My Artquest – Drawing everyday for a whole leap year.

I have embarked on a new project [because I wasn’t busy enough…]. An Artquest. Everyday for 366 days [next year is a leap year] I will do at least one very small … Continue reading

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A new art year – I’m feeling art frisky!

I am back from my holidays and feeling pent up and art frisky! I made NO ART of any variety while on holidays. I am not surprised: the first part … Continue reading

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Artquest 4 – overcoming the pain of crummy painting.

It might start out crummy, but if you let that song/ image/ story out of  your head  it might have a chance to be good. I make a lot of … Continue reading

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Artquest 3 – an idea a day, let your self be creative.

Artquest 3 – an idea a day: write down at least 1 idea in your notebook everyday for ten days. Our previous two Artquest suggestions have been jumping right in … Continue reading

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Artquest 2: a month of photos for a busy person.

For this Artquest you need only your smartphone  or camera and a moment or two each day. On your way to work, [or University, the gym,  dropping your kids off at school, or … Continue reading

August 19, 2012 · 1 Comment

Artquest 1: two weeks and a small blank book

To take this Artquest you agree to make some art everyday for two weeks. The art for this quest is small and must fit onto the page of a small blank … Continue reading

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