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Take an artquest!

An Artquest is a commitment to making some art for a certain length of time, or frequency. It’s a great way to kickstart your art making.

You can choose to make some art every week or every day if you are brave enough. Sounds easy but it can get tricky when you get busy.

If you are into drawing you could opt to draw something everyday.

If you are into making 3d objects you could choose to make a small object everyday.

If you are going on a holiday choose a theme for your photographs and commit to taking a certain amount everyday.

An Artquest can be extreme or gentle, but whichever one you choose, Artquests help you to make space in your life for art making.

And you can be sure that Artquests do indeed making something happen. They get results, even if it’s just a small shift in your art making practice.

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