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Buy My New Book – Start Making Art Today

My book about making art, Start Making Art Today, should be available to buy as an ebook before Christmas this year 2022. Yay! It’s taken me a long time to whip it into shape but I’m very happy with it now and I think any beginner or want to be artist would be too.

I’d previously posted that it would be ready soon, but I had no idea that the whole process would be as tricky as it was. Perhaps from now on I’ll stick to making art. Actually writing the content was really fun, but editing it into a book that flowed, was pretty difficult. It has to connect and flow and tell one big beautiful story.

And that’s what I wanted: to tell you a beautiful true story, to give you a guidebook, a beacon, about how to make art, using your own ideas. Aimed mostly at beginners, and people who don’t feel they have the right, the time, the permission or the skills to make art. People who don’t know they are already having ideas.


But finally! It’s finished, I’m just tying up a few loose ends and it will be ready soon to send off into the ethers, to the universe at large and hopefully to you.

It will be available initially in formats to suit Apple Books, kindle and a little later in other formats and a print copy.

I’ll be posting more updates on my Instagram for the book, the link is in the menu on the left. And I’ll put a link to its websites very soon. Thanks for all the views and of course: please get out there and make some art.

Kind regards,


One comment on “Buy My New Book – Start Making Art Today

    September 17, 2018

    Dear Nic,

    So happy that you are nearly there….. Good Luck! for the final stages and finding a publisher!!

    I look forward to an inspiring read.

    Loved your trip to Mexico by the way… made me want to go there even more. We might be having a Mexican friend of Peter’s to stay soon, if he can sort out a visa!!

    Love Jo xx

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