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For the last 2 1/2 years I have been writing a book about making art. Those of you who used to enjoy my posts, know that I have hardly posted a thing in that time. I just found it plain old too hard to write a book and keep doing the blog.

In fact the whole thing has taken so much longer than I’d hoped. I feel in good company when I say that, because like most first time book writers I’ve found it more difficult than I imagined, even though it started off pretty well.

When you start you kind of think how hard can it be? It’s like writing fifty posts right? One a week maybe, it’ll be fine. Only it’s not, because fifty posts don’t have to make sense as one whole object, they don’t have to connect and flow and tell one big beautiful story.

And that’s what I wanted: to tell you a beautiful true story, to give you a guidebook, a beacon, about how to make art, using your own ideas. Aimed mostly at beginners, and people who don’t feel they have the right, the time, the permission or the skills to make art. People who don’t know they are already having ideas.

I spent a year or so happily writing chapter after chapter. But after that the process became a lot trickier. Putting all my joyfully written words into what I felt was the right order and cutting out those extra 50,000 words or so, was very difficult for this novice book writer.

It’s also taken a big toll on my art making. There are only so many creative moments in a day, a week, or a year and between my various jobs, family life and book wrangling its my art making that has suffered the most.


But finally! I am pretty much finished, just tying up a few loose ends and it will be ready soon to send off into the ethers, to the universe at large to find a publisher.

So please wish me luck for this next phase, because I am dead keen to get back into the studio and make some art.

Kind regards,


One comment on “My New Book

    September 17, 2018

    Dear Nic,

    So happy that you are nearly there….. Good Luck! for the final stages and finding a publisher!!

    I look forward to an inspiring read.

    Loved your trip to Mexico by the way… made me want to go there even more. We might be having a Mexican friend of Peter’s to stay soon, if he can sort out a visa!!

    Love Jo xx

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