Making Art

Using your own original ideas.

I’m Running a Workshop!

I’m very excited because in November I will be starting a two week residency and running  a workshop at a fantastic local arts and future ideas organisation called Frontyard in nearby Marrickville in Sydney’s Inner West. It will be my first time being an artist [and author] in residence.

I am close to finishing the first draft of my book about how to have ideas for making art and I will be using this residency as an opportunity to work in a different environment, with new influences, and as part of a community, as I start my editing process.

The book is about discovering and hearing your own ideas to use in art making. The focus is upon curiosity and exploration.

It’s about realising that most art ideas start very small: a tiny speck of an idea, and that is all you need to begin, to make something. It’s also about that artistic process, the creative flow, and seeing an artistic practice as a journey rather than art being about the final piece.

Frontyard is a fantastic organisation, run on goodwill, coffee and ideas, and people are welcome to drop in almost anytime to talk to the artists [authors, scientists etc] in residence about what they are working on.

So if you are interested in finding out how to have ideas for making art please join me at my workshop.

The workshop it is on the 26th November 2016, 1-4 pm  the details will be on the Frontyard website and you can contact them about how to secure a place at the event.

Can’t wait!


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