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My Artquest – Drawing everyday for a whole leap year.

I have embarked on a new project [because I wasn’t busy enough…]. An Artquest.

Everyday for 366 days [next year is a leap year] I will do at least one very small drawing. I was inspired to do this by seeing the David Lynch exhibition at the Queensland Gallery of modern art. In the exhibition he had loads of tiny drawings he had done on matchboxes, or old ticket stubs, anything at hand.

They were very charming drawings; raw, honest. Sometimes they looked like the beginnings of bigger things, sometimes they were just little entities of their own. I am always trying to do more drawing and it occurred to me that the tiny scale of these was just right for an Artquest.

For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about when I say Artquest you can read about them here:

My drawing has gotten a bit rusty lately, as I spend so much time making sculpture and just doodling ideas, not really drawing for drawing’s sake. In fact most of the small ones I have done so far for this Artquest are not great, but as always I will show you them all, even if crummy so you know that to fail in an artwork is ok: you will improve.

It started on May 11 2015, and already only one week later it is a little weird. More like meditation than art. I have never done an Artquest for a whole year, most have been a couple of weeks long. So it’s feeling a little scary, even though each drawing is only taking somewhere between 5 and 20 minutes. At the moment I am drawing either what’s at home in front of my face or strange little scenes that are in my head. I’m drawing on a pile of small cards I had already, but when I run out of those any small paper scraps will do.

Maybe you might like to start your own Artquest doing something similar?


I only have a few weeks to go. Its been pretty tough sometimes. I have drawn when I’m sick, tired, busy, at a conference, on holiday and when I would rather have been partying. But I realise I have actually learnt a lot too. When I have finished I will post some of my favourite drawings from the challenge. And try and tell you what I have learnt.


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