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I am writing a book!

I am excited to  tell you that I am writing a book about making art. But my excitement is tinged with sadness because today I have also closed off access to the content at the full Making Art Website.

The content had been up for 3 years, with free and open access to all my ideas and I decided that it was time to use my content in another way.

For the last two years I have been working at a studio. Apart from art school, this has been my only experience of working in a studio and it has been fantastic. Unusually the space I work in is a collective/ communal space so there are other people there working most days too. So I have basically been talking to a lot to other artists for the first time in many years. And it’s been very special.

I have had the chance to see what other  working artists are like at work. How they use their time. What they find difficult.  And to talk to them about what they are making, why, where their ideas come from. So I feel excited to be able to bring you even more methods to make your ideas flow.

What will be in the book?
Most books about art are not about becoming an authentic artist through the use of your original ideas. Instead they focus on techniques for a specific medium, or they give you a small number of projects to try, or they focus on creativity in a general sense. My book will be focused on the beginning of a genesis of ideas and a permanent creative habit.

In other words: you will become an artist.
The book will do 5 main things:

  1. Help you to hear your own ideas and creative thoughts.
  2. Help you to generate ideas, sort through them and expand upon them.
  3. Help you to choose a medium and way of working that suits your ideas.
  4. Will get you making art.
  5. Encourage you to form a creativity habit.

It will build your confidence in your own ideas and art making abilities and encourages your mind to think like an artist, constantly having new ideas. Helping you to visualize, work through, plan and ultimately manifest your ideas as artworks.

I will also be adding  new content to this blog, to keep you going until the book is ready.

I will post any updates about the book here and on the Facebook page.

Thank for your support,

Kind regards, Nick

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