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A new art year – I’m feeling art frisky!

I am back from my holidays and feeling pent up and art frisky! I made NO ART of any variety while on holidays. I am not surprised: the first part of my holidays was spent at my parents place… ‘The place where creativity goes to die’. Truly is there any less creative a place than at your folks? Or maybe this is my own little problem that I should deal with in therapy… whatever. And the second week was spent here….


Above: So I was understandably  seduced by the outdoor activities; biking and swimming and snorkeling….how could I sit still long enough to make some art when this was calling me?

And the indoor activities like eating my husbands made from scratch seafood risotto and drinking the mexican cocktail my husband has just discovered ….


Above: Agua fresca…mint , cucumber, green chili, fizzy water, vodka. Hard to do much after one of these.

In any case this means I am raring to go. I may not have managed to make any art but I did do some thinking. Some of it was about my own art, the kind if things I am going to focus on for the next few months and some of the thinking was about this blog.

Some of you out there may not even realise that I started this blog to be the living entity of  my Making Art website , so if you have never looked at it please go and check it out here:

I’ve been doing this blog for a few months and its a good time to think about how its going and what I think should be doing more of. One of the reasons I started my website and blog was because I thought there wasn’t nearly enough talk about Ideas in art making. There was too much talk about art stars and money and not enough talk about how artists actually get their ideas to make work. Too much talk about meaning. What an art work means is something people talk about after the art work is made. An idea is what you have before you make the art. So ideas, how to have them, make a record of them, how to expand them and how to use them are the basis of this site. So I will keep banging on about them and hope I can encourage you to hear and use your own ideas.

My art site also sees drawing as another building block of being an artist. I don’t mean you have to use it as a final method, but the doodling of ideas, the sketching and planning. Of course it’s also a first tool for many artists. Sometimes I forget to mention it but its always there at the back of my mind. So feel assured there will be more drawing exercises, especially for beginners.

The notion of the Artquest is also central to the philosophies of the site. Even experienced artists fall off the wagon occasionally and have trouble getting themselves making. Artquests are like commitments to yourself to let some art in. You can set them for yourselves, but I will be suggesting more for those of you who need more of a kick up the arse to get motivated. And I will be doing a couple myself to keep myself making.

n.y.c. (self-portrait)

Above: ‘New York City (Self-Portrait)’ by Lee Friedlander. Friedlander famously shots 3 rolls of film before breakfast….everyday. Now that’s an art quest! [photo from]

In the real world I will be running some courses, focused on Ideas and Making art. Just locally for the moment, but who knows in the future. And if I can get my act together I will be making some short films about art. I’m pretty excited but a bit freaked out by this too.

And finally: it’s all about making art. So I will be encouraging you in any way I can to get making, follow those threads, find your own art schtick.  I hope you and I both manage to make a lot of art this year. In fact I think I will go make some right now!

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