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Artquest 2: a month of photos for a busy person.

For this Artquest you need only your smartphone  or camera and a moment or two each day.

On your way to work, [or University, the gym,  dropping your kids off at school, or any regular daily journey you make], take a photograph with your phone or camera of a found scene or composition that takes your fancy.  Try to link your images to each other in some way.

For instance you might take a photo of the same view everyday, in different weather or at a different time of day, empty or crowded with people .

Above: 4 photos taken at the same location, different days, different weather at one of my all time favourite places, Inneston in South Australia.

Or you might choose to take a photo of a particular colour, say just red things, paint, an umbrella, a sign.

You could focus on just one element like texture, torn posters, flaky paint.

Or it might be more elusive, some abstract concept, loneliness, or waste.

Above: 3 photos of revolting abandoned things.

After taking a photograph everyday for a month you will have body of images on a theme. Then pick the best images [ 8 or 10 is good] and print them or post them online as a series.

This is a great Artquest for someone who loves to snap away, but usually ends up with a gaggle of unrelated shots.

Don’t forget you can post them on the Making Art facebook page.

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