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Artquest 1: two weeks and a small blank book

To take this Artquest you agree to make some art everyday for two weeks.

  • The art for this quest is small and must fit onto the page of a small blank book.
  • The work can be made directly on the page or stuck in afterwards.
  • Any medium is acceptable; drawing, painting, sewing, collage , whatever.

You will need a blank book about A5 size. [That’s the size of half a regular piece of paper].

Picture of blank books

Choose inexpensive books. That way you won’t be worrying about ‘making the best thing ever!’

Each day for two weeks do something in the book. Make anything that occurs to you; the idea is to get you into the habit of listening to your ideas and responding by making those ideas.

Here are some examples from one book.


Abstract relief made with paper and a hot glue gun.

drawing of a dog

Simple drawings are ok too.

drawinga of a face

No time to sit down and make something full on: a quick sketch with a hand mirror.

Pop up image

This one uses a pop-up technique. The leaf follows the wiggly cut to look like an autumn leaf falling to the ground.

Scraps of fabric and felt sewn directly into the book.

As you can see it’s not about making a masterpiece each time. Some of it might be a bit daggy or crafty, it doesn’t matter. It’s about giving time to yourself and your art, letting it find a space in your life.

Talk a friend or two into doing this one with you. At the end of the  two weeks get together and enjoy seeing what wildly different things you’ve made. And don’t forget you can post some of your work on the Making Art Facebook page.

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