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Drawing 1: I wish I could draw.

People often say to me ‘I wish I could draw’, thinking that it’s a failing of theirs that they can’t. Yet we don’t learn to draw at school, we are just told to ‘draw!’  Imagine if we were just told to ‘read’ without having any lessons.

Even when I went to art school there was a certain expectation that everyone could draw, but quite a few students couldn’t and for them it was just  ‘too bad’. 

So for those of you who ‘wish you could draw’ we will introduce regular exercises for learning to draw, aimed at beginners.

Drawing is both a tool and a final outcome. Used to plan work, and jot down ideas, it’s incredibly useful for making art. So even if you don’t want to create drawings as a final piece, being able to sketch out an idea is worth learning.

If you do want to focus on drawing as a medium for your art making you will need to practice, practice , practice. I find if I have done no drawing for a while I get pretty rusty.

We are going to go through a series of basic exercises that help you to see what you are drawing and to draw what you are seeing. You don’t have to understand perspective in order to learn to draw.

The main elements are:

  • Edges, outline of the objects
  • The actual shape of the objects
  • The shape of the spaces in between
  • Scale and proportion of objects compared to each other
  • Relationships between objects
  • Light and shadow
  • Gesture
  • Gestalt or the whole picture and composition
  • Quality of line
  • Mark making

This makes it sound all rather dry, but it won’t be and the reward will be sweet.

To find the drawing exercises follow the link on the left sidebar to the Drawing category.

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