Making Art

Bringing Art Making Into Your Life

Welcome to the Making Art blog!

The Making Art website is launching  and every week we will be posting new exercises and ideas here at the Making Art blog.

We like to think of ourselves as Art Coaches, helping you to make the art you want to make.

The blog and site are about: 

  • generating and using your original ideas to make art
  • catching your ideas
  • developing a creative practice habit
  • problems you might encounter and ways to get past them
  • practical issues such as setting up a studio

We will be posting on a wide range of subjects, such as:

  • hearing and developing your ideas
  • choosing the right medium for your work
  • why art school sometimes messes with your head
  • how to kickstart your art making habit with an Artquest.

And also exercises to develop various techniques including:

  • drawing lessons for beginners 
  • paper art techniques
  • sculpture techniques
  • using unusual mediums to make art

Please feel free to post an image of your art, photos of your studio/workspace  or images from your sketchbook or ideas notebook to our Facebook page.

Happy art making to you all.



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This entry was posted on May 30, 2012 by in Inspiration.


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