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The print version of my book is available!

You can buy my book in print, or as an ebook in lots of different formats at the books website. Click on the top link in the menu to go … Continue reading

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Update! My book will be available on the 20th February 2023

Very excited to say I have date for my book to come out. It’s the 20th February at midnight eastern US time yay! So 4pm Sydney time. I’m very excited … Continue reading

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Cheese and other Catastrophes

One of my self appointed roles in life is to give you permission as a beginner, to make art without judgement. Knowing that you will improve. To feel you can … Continue reading

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Make Art Everyday – My New Year’s Resolution

Being a creative being in your not very creative world can be really difficult for a lot of us. I know I have posted on this topic more than enough … Continue reading

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Buy My New Book – Start Making Art Today

My book about making art, Start Making Art Today, should be available to buy as an ebook before Christmas this year 2022. Yay! It’s taken me a long time to … Continue reading

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Time: Your Most Precious Resource

I have a funny thing I like to do where I break down the elements that make up an artwork. I started to do them like little equations. Technique + … Continue reading

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A Drawing a Day for a Year: Done!

On May 11 2015 I cooked up a crazy idea to do tiny drawing every day for a year. I was in Brisbane at the end of April last year and … Continue reading

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Art & Money: the Elephant in the Room

There’s a big, pink, decorated, swirly elephant in the room. Yep it’s the topic of making money from your art. You’ve probably noticed I prefer not to talk about it.   … Continue reading

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A New Studio = Permission to Play

I moved a little while ago to a new studio. And for the first few days its just felt… odd. A bit like you are sitting in someone else’s lounge … Continue reading

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My Artquest – Drawing everyday for a whole leap year.

I have embarked on a new project [because I wasn’t busy enough…]. An Artquest. Everyday for 366 days [next year is a leap year] I will do at least one very small … Continue reading

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